Low Gap Park Disc Golf Course

If you're coming from out of the area, the easiest way to get to the park is to take the North State Street exit off of 101 and go south on State Street until you get to the stoplight at Low Gap Road. Take a right and go straight until you get to the park, on the left, across from the High School.

Here is a satellite photo (courtesy of Google Earth) of Low Gap Park with a map of the disc golf course overlaid. There is a larger version here or click on the map.

Map of Low Gap Park


Course information, as posted at Low Gap Park:

Hole #123456789Out
Hole #101112131415161718InTotal

Low Gap Park - Hole 1

Hole 1

Par: 3

Length: 234'

Description: The fairway runs straight and slightly uphill with a line of trees on the right as the only hazard. The green begins after a slight rise with the pin placed in the center of a wide-open space.

Low Gap Park - Hole 2

Hole 2

Par: 3

Length: 280'

Description: A dog-leg right, the fairway is straight and level out to a line of trees where the hill begins climbing. There is an open lane on the left side of the trees. The pin sits at the top of the hill in front of a large blackberry bush.

Low Gap Park - Hole 3

Hole 3

Par: 4

Length: 254'

Description: The fairway follows the gravel road straight and slightly uphill until it levels off. Trees on the right are thick and hang partially over the fairway.Just before the basket, the fairway kinks downhill to the right.

Low Gap Park - Hole 4

Hole 4

Par: 3

Length: 230'

Description: A narrow fairway over bushes goes slightly uphill and through an opening in the oak trees where the ground levels and there are fewer trees to hit on approach to the pin, straight ahead.

Low Gap Park - Hole 5

Hole 5

Par: 3

Length: 230'

Description: Uphill and turning left along a gravel road, the fairway has trees on the left all the way to the top. The right side opens up after the large tree, then slopes down toward the archery range as the fairway climbs. The pin sits at the top under a tree.

Low Gap Park - Hole 6

Hole 6

Par: 4

Length: 300'

Description: The fairway is basically straight but not really flat from tee to pin. Trees (on both sides early followed by trees in the fairway further toward the pin) make for some narrow shots. The hillside on the right slopes down to the archery range. A drive left will allow for an approach through an open lane in the trees.

Low Gap Park - Hole 7

Hole 7

Par: 3

Length: 235'

Description: The fairway goes up the hill and over the crest. There's an oak on the left that sticks out into the fairway and brush along the right side further out. The pin is on the downward slope on the far side of the hill.

Low Gap Park - Hole 8

Hole 8

Par: 3

Length: 181'

Description: The fairway is straight and narrow with trees on both sides hanging over the fairway. The pin sits just past the peak of the hill, out of sight from the pad, but directly ahead. The hill slopes downward from the pin in all directions. Use caution.

Low Gap Park - Hole 9

Hole 9

Par: 3

Length: 240'

Description: A dog-leg, sloping downhill and to the right, the fairway follows the road to the basket at the bottom. Some players choose a shot out to the right, over the trees and down to the basket. However, many tournaments play this hole as a mandatory dog-leg, requiring the disc to travel to the left of the first oak tree, following along the road.

Low Gap Park - Hole 10

Hole 10

Par: 4

Length: 284'

Description: Very straight and narrow due to trees and bushes on both sides, there is a slight kink halfway to the pin. The fairway opens somewhat for approach shots, but there isn't much room to maneuver.

Low Gap Park - Hole 11

Hole 11

Par: 3

Length: 215'

Description: Short and sloping downward to the right, the fairway is dominated by trees,offering few lanes. The pin sits on the hillside just before the trees open for the fairway of #6.

Low Gap Park - Hole 12

Hole 12

Par: 3

Length: 240'

Description: Straight and dropping off down the hill, the fairway gets steeper the closer you get to the pin. The fairway is very narrow, due to the number of trees lining both sides of the hole, and the pin is at the bottom of the hill on the downward side.

Low Gap Park - Hole 13

Hole 13

Par: 5

Length: 319'

Description: Dominated by trees for the first half of the hole and traversing a hillside that goes downhill to the left, the fairway clears the treeline 175-200' from the pad and continues to the pin which sits out on the edge of a gravel access road and a downhill slope on the far side.

Low Gap Park - Hole 14

Hole 14

Par: 4

Length: 327'

Description: The longest hole at Low Gap, the fairway of 14 goes straight up to the top of the hill and dog legs right as it goes back down the other side. Approach shots are complicated by a pair of oaks protecting the basket.

Low Gap Park - Hole 15

Hole 15

Par: 3

Length: 204'

Description: Short and uphill with trees here and there, the basket sits on the far side downhill slope.

Low Gap Park - Hole 16

Hole 16

Par: 3

Length: 275'

Description: Downhill all the way to the basket that sits on the downward slope on the hillside below, just above the road.

Low Gap Park - Hole 17

Hole 17

Par: 3

Length: 230'

Description: Level fairway crosses the road and passes through narrow routes in the trees to the basket directly ahead.

Low Gap Park - Hole 18

Hole 18

Par: 3

Length: 222'

Description: Straight down the road to the 18th basket, the only hazards are the tree and telephone pole on the left.