Russian River


I had planned on starting this page by saying something like, "Kayaking is one of my favorite warm-weather activities." But that wouldn't really be accurate. Fact is, we've been out on the river in January in a rainstorm. Of course, we nearly froze our butts off, but we had a great time. And it ended well, thanks to two fishermen who had built a big campfire on the shore and invited us to share the warmth.

The kayaks have been all over Northern California, from Lett's Lake to the Russian River in Sonoma County to Lake Mendocino to Blue Lakes. Below are two shots at the inlet to Lake Mendocino in early Spring while the water is high. Lake Mendocino is close and easy to access, plus it's beautiful, so we go there often. On the right, before we got the kayaks, Braden tosses the water frisbee from his canoe during his annual trip on the Russian River in Guerneville.

Trish runs down the inlet Lake Mendocino

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