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Battlefield 2 was the second in a line of military-based first-person shooters that placed players in the virtual battlefields of the Middle East, China and other locations around the world. The game provides accurate weapons, vehicles, locations and environments that allow for a fun gaming experience without the somewhat tedious aspects of a true simulator. I started playing Battlefield 1942 in the early part of 2003 when Ted told me about it. He also pointed me to the "Desert Combat" mod.

The Desert Combat mod (screen shot on the right) gave the original Battlefield 1942 a total makeover, transforming the game from the World War II era to the 1990's and transporting the players to conflicts that occured during that decade, from Desert Storm to Somalia.

Battlefield is a very fun game, but in my early time playing I got a bit burned-out on the public servers. In fact, I set the game aside for a while, except when playing Ted.

However, during the holiday season in 2003 I began to play "Coop" mode, where human players join forces to cooperatively battle against bots (Computer A.I. Opponents). I found one particular Coop server that always provided a good quality connection: The WCC, West Coast Combat.

The WCC Squad

The [WCC] Squad ( was a group of players who really had a great attitude about the game: The point was not to score high as an individual, but to work together as a unit to achieve success. It's a big difference that separated the West Coast Combat Squad from the other servers on-line. They brought me on as a member in January 2004. It allowed me to ressurect my former tag: Buck_Nekid.

In 2006 the WCC created their own cooperative mod for Battlefield 2, called "Hard Justice" that was highly distributed online.

Regretably, the WCC went offline in Spring of 2008.

WCC Squad
[WCC] Infantry Bronze Award


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