Major League Ballparks

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Some time ago, Trish and I decided that it sounded fun to visit every ballpark in the Major Leagues. We're starting to make progress on the West Coast, but it's going to take some time to get to them all. In fact, if we don't pick up the pace, it's going to take a couple of decades!

In the meanwhile, as we make our way around the league we're taking panorama photos of the ballparks and posting them here.

Angel Stadium - Anaheim, CA

Anaheim Angels - Angel Stadium - Anaheim, California (July, 2009)
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Bank One Ballpark - Phoenix, AZ

Arizona Diamondbacks - Bank One Ballpark - Phoenix, Arizona (May, 2005)
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Coors Field

Colorado Rockies - Coors Field - Denver, Colorado (May, 2008)

McAfee Coliseum - Oakland, CA

Oakland Athletics - McAfee Coliseum - Oakland, California (September, 2003)
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Dodger Stadium - Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles Dodgers - Dodger Stadium - Chavez Ravine, Los Angeles, California (July, 2009)
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Petco Park - San Diego, CA

San Diego Padres - Petco Park - San Diego, California (July, 2009)
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SBC Park

San Fransisco Giants - SBC Park - San Fransisco, California (June, 2003)

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