Welcome to our pet page, dedicated to the furry (sometimes domesticated) members of the family.


We adopted Rocket in April of 2012 from the Mendocino County Animal Care Services Shelter on Plant Road in Ukiah.

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In the back yard on Day 3

Bear has his own page!

Bear joined the family on January 24th, 2010. We didn't adopt him, he chose us.

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Simone (AKAs: Mo Mo Tay, Creamy Pumpkin Pie, Mocha Ninja)

In the back yard Intense Bright Eyes Sleepy time Pink nose The Queen Pretty Girl on the grass

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Subway (AKAs: Subby)

Time for food, please? Stretching in the lawn Bright Eyes Worship Me Run across the grass Subby in the yard The Subber on the grass

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Skittles (AKAs: Diddle, Precious)

In the back yard Warm morning sun A perfect sleeping place Daddy won't mind if I sits in his lap. I copilot. Curious kitty Running through the grass A quick nap while mommy works

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Samson (AKAs: Sam, Big Pussy) 1989-2008

Relaxing in the back yard Guard duty at the back fence Sleeping in the den Sam looks like a bear umbling towards the camera Alert eyes while relaxing in the back yard About to sneeze Napping at the sliding glass door

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Jackson Kirby (AKAs: Jacks) 1991-2006

At the beach Good Boy Shade on a hot afternoon Jumping for the ball Did you say cookie? A dog and his ball Happy Boy

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Toonces (AKA Mommy) 1991-2002

A portrait from the Bush rental Fence walking in the back yard Coming to investigate Making tracks across the yard Playing at Jennings On the fence again Several weeks after surgery

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Spook 1988-1993

Young Spook dive bombs brother! Still a kitten Spook helps play video games

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Pumpkin 1973-1988(?)

Planted in a terra cotta pot In front of the house In front of the house

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