Frequently Asked Questions

Why have a web site?
Originally, the point of was simply to have a presence on the web and share "What's going on." As time went by, it became more of a testing ground for web design. Today it highlights some recreational activities and hobbies that I enjoy, and hopefully the information is helpful and/or interesting to visitors.
You won't find anything for sale. There are no banner or pop-up ads and we've never asked for donations or made any attempt to recover operating costs. There are no long-range business plans, forecasts, goals or objectives to achieve or any manner of measurement for success (or failure, for that matter).
The site provides you with different pages that hopefully give you a feeling for some things Trish and I like to do and ways we spend time, including various holidays, vacations, events and other experiences that are worth capturing and sharing. The site is really here for anyone who enjoys participating in similar activities, so that we can all share, learn and enjoy.
Why don't you have a blog?
The site is about sharing what I do and enjoy. It was not created to be a daily log or to express how I feel, what I believe in, what my politics are, what I have faith in, what I'm angry about, etc. There was never an intent to use as a soapbox. I'm not really interested in posting any of that.
The quantity of pictures and graphics makes the pages load slow. Why so many images?
It's true and there's no getting around it: I use a lot of pictures and graphics throughout For those on dial-up connections or who may be having other issues with bandwidth, this this is bad news. What's more, a truly friendly site wouldn't place such a burden on it's visitors. However, when faced with the choice, I decided to provide a web site that offered many personal photographs relating to the subject(s) at hand. It is a personal web site (emphasis on personal), after all. As a result, I am aware this places a greater download burden on those visitors without a broadband connection.
Why do you put the logo on almost every picture?
Believe it or not, the logo is not there by choice. All of the pictures here on the site were logo-free until August of 2005. At that time the volume of E-Bay merchants, myspace accounts, message boards and other sites linking directly to images here forced me to add the logo. I think it is unfortunate, as the logo detracts from the picture and simply isn't necessary. That said, when the logo was added, all hot-linking ceased immediately. You can't argue with results like that.
How do I contact you?
Visit the contact page and drop me a note. I'm open to comments, suggestions and feedback of any kind, whether it be about the site or its content. Is a link broken or a page missing? Have a question or story to share? Is there something I missed and should add? Perhaps you have criticism? I'd love to hear from you, so please feel free to drop me a note. Please, do me a favor: Keep it PG-13 or cleaner, please. I'm not the only one who checks the mailbox.
Why do you shave your head?
Honestly? I'm lazy.